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January Update

It's been a long time since I've updated the studio website - busy-ness seems to be contagious. This last 6 months have had the pleasure of finalising a CD with Justin James Piano Vol. 2, Pyromesh Biologic, Decibel Still and Moving Lines, Timmy Trumpet and Matt Hykus B&T, Will Stoker and the Embers Don't Ever Tell Me and The Mines, HzHzHz hzhzhz, Lilt Take, The Resonance Project EP, Daniel Osborne and Phil Smith Frisbees, Activate and Futon, The Intenso Band Alphabet, Molusc, and Fist Fingers, and the list goes on. I have been flat tack on an album project with Roger Gomez that features some great session players in town - Ric Eastman, Pat Reale, Graham Greene, Will Hatch, Paul Millard, Mark Underwood, Tristen Parr, and the list goes on again! Too many to mention featuring a band, synth programming, string section, brass section, choir, and of course Roger Gomez on vocals. Matt McLean has been working with Sam Perry too.

#JustinJames #PyromeshBiologic #Decibel #WillStokerandtheEmbers #Futon #TheIntensoBand #RicEastman #TristanParr

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