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May Update

Well May has kept the studio pretty busy, and it finished off with a bang with a full 5-day lockout recording session with the Jac Dalton band and their producer Darren Mullan. It was an absolute pleasure to capture takes of killer musicians, and experience not only the awesome musicianship of the band, but also Darren's meticulous work as a producer shows how such a large project can run so smoothly in the recording phase. May also saw some vocal recording for local producer Pearce Dillon, mastering for Cycle~ 440, mastering for Joel Thurner, mastering for Henry Gillett, tracking of drums/guitar/percussion in a jingle for Subi-Square Chemist, tracking of drums for singer/songwriter Roger Gomez, recording of Kylie Liang of the WA Symphony Orchestra, and the composition of a 10-channel spatialised soundtrack for an audio-visual piece that showed in the Cars That Ate Perth gallery exhibition at the Sound Spectrum gallery space in Perth.

#JacDalton #JoelThurner #HenryGillet #RogerGomez #WASymphonyOrchestra

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