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The Soundfield Studio has worked with numerous electronic artists including ShockOne, Loston, Ta-ku, JMSN, Timmy Trumpet and Matt Hykus, Sable (with Kele Okereke), Lilt, Sam Perry, Pearse Dillon, and Loom Voodoo. The studio has worked with Classical artists including ensemble Decibel, Justin James, WAYO, members of WASO, and composers Cat Hope, Lindsay Vickery, Chris De Groot, Mace Francis, David Pye, Lee Bradshaw, Kevin Penkin, Phillip Kenworthy, and Robert Laird. Pop, rock, alternative, and metal bands/artists include Will Stoker and the Embers, The Jac Dalton Band, Resonance Project, Pyromesh, Morphica, Aminah Hughes, Roger Gomez, King Wasabi, Jennifer Reed, Michele Roget, Kate Finkelstein, Reynold Indich, The Shallows, Sam Carmody, and Sean Miller. Jazz artists include the Johannes Luebbers Dectet and Net Nopsus. Experimental/noise artists include HzHzHz, Cycle~ 440, The Intenso Band, Michael Terren, and Henry Gillett. Other artists include Mel Robinson, didgeridoo player Simon Si Mullumby, Satya Kadambii Mela, and visual artist Erin Coates. Check out some of the samples below:



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