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At the Soundfield Studio we are dedicated to the craft of producing music. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your music will not only have impact, but that a recording penultimately communicates the essence of your music in the best possible way. With options for cheaper prices and deals for extended projects, if you want more info or want to have a chat about your music goals, please contact us to arrange a meeting at



Along with an isolated live room and a floating floor, the studio has an arsenal of some of the worlds best microphones and preamps to capture sounds reminiscent of both the past and the present day. With a wealth of recording experience from classical, jazz, rock, metal, noise, and electronic genres, the studio can work with musicians and bands to capture the right sound on the way in. We also have our own drum kits, Rhodes Mark One electric piano, John Anderson guitar, and other instruments available for your use.


The studio can be booked for a day at a discounted rate. We also offer a demo recording service at cheaper rates - perfect for pre production or getting a professional demo for sending to booking agents. For discounts contact



We understand the importance of mastering in order for your music to sound equally great irrespective of the medium it is played on: PA system, home stereo, on the radio, or on an iPod. We make use of both analog and digital mastering tools to get the right sound for your genre and project. Restoration and spectral editing tools may be used where necessary. If required we can prepare your masters for pressing to CD or vinyl, or encode the necessary files for online distribution. Masters conform with R128 metering standards, and will adhere to OP59 true peak requirements (unless specified otherwise). Digital masters can be embedded with ISRC codes if required. In the case of DDP images, data integrity is paramount, and checksums are supplied to the pressing plant to ensure files sent are duplicated exactly.

Mixing and Remixing


With an assortment of both analog and digital equipment, and the choice of digital or analog summing, the studio is equipped for mixing material of all genres. With an accelerated workstation, the studio is capable of running more than 250 audio tracks, hundreds of plugins, and whatever analog processing is required whether it be tape, valve, and/or solid state processing. Any editing required is at some additional cost.


Special rates apply to albums and EP's. Pricing may be negotiated when mixing for EP's and albums.

Arranging and Orchestration


Stuart's extensive experience as a composer and performer gives him a unique edge in studio production, giving him the ability to arrange and orchestrate for any instrumentation. Stuart's own musical experience also has meant he is in touch with some of the best of Perth's session players. Stuart also has a highly trained musical ear, having transcribed complex music arrangements from recordings - he understands the music from the inside out.

Get in touch to find out how Stuart can give your project a polish with a few tweaks to your arrangements.  Alternatively he can write your arrangement from the ground up to add more texture to your music.

Composition for Games


As a graduate of both the Advanced Diploma of Contemporary Music, and a Bachelor Of Music (Composition and Music Technology), as well as a currently active member of the live electronic scene in Australia, Matt offers Electronic Production and Composition services to game creators looking for an edge in their sound design.

Audio Post Production


Let us sweeten the sound on your next film or video project.  Our team can help with music selection and editing, ADR and editing dialogue, and of course your final mix.  

In House Video Production


Have you ever wanted to document the journey of recording your song or album?  As an extra to our regular packages we can also document your recording experience on video with multiple cameras, and studio audio.  Full edit and titles included.

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