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matt mclean

Composing, recording, mixing and mastering under the alias feeding | ear, Matt Mclean has been actively involved in the music industry for the last ten years. 

His formal education is comprised of a Bachelor of Composition and Music Technology and a Advanced Diploma of Contemporary Music (Keyboard) from the prestigious Western Australian Academy of the Performing Arts.

Further mentoring from Stuart James (PhD) led to a freelance position at Soundfield Studio, learning the art of engineering and expanding on his abilities as a composer and producer. 


His studio engineering work at Soundfield focuses mainly on recording, mixing and mastering for electronica, indie, pop and VGM music – with mixing and mastering credits for local indie artists, as well as national and internationally recognised acts.

Matt’s various mixes and mastered works have seen high rotation airplay on Triple J as well as high volume streaming and independent radio across Australia and internationally.


A short list of selected credits include:

Shockone (co-mix)

Loston (co-mix)
Lilt (Production, Recording, Mix/Mastering (with Stuart James)

Timmy Trumpet (co-mix)

Vorsen (Recording, Mix, Mastering)
Tess Fairs (Recording, Mix, Master)

Angus Dawson (Mix)
MYAMI (Master)

JCAL (Mix)

Peezo (Mastering)

Sarah Pellicano (Record, Mix, Master)

Sam Perry (Record, Mix, Master)

Michael Terren (Master)

Combining his skill sets of composition and engineering has given Matt a unique edge in the industry. With a thorough understanding of both the technical and emotional requirements of composing work to a brief, Matt delivers high quality electronic infused scores, with complex, shifting timbres and evocative sound design.

His passion project Lilt, a live electronic/alt pop ensemble has received over a million online plays, had high rotation airplay on Triple J, and supported international and national acts of prestige (Morcheeba, Flume, Austra).


Matt's VGM work is managed by Fabian Malabello and The Otherworld Agency, who represent over twenty composers and sound designers working on indie games to AAA titles.

Matt currently tutors and lectures in the fields of Audio and Songwriting at Murdoch University, WAAPA, and SAE Perth.

Notable Industry Achievements and Discography:

'Orwell 2' - 2018 (OST Composer/Engineer)

'Rumu' - 2017 (OST Composer/Engineer)

'Orwell' - 2016 (OST Composer/Engineer)
'Hacknet' - 2016 (OST Composer, 1 x work)
'Basement' - 2018 (OST Composer/Engineer)

'Florence' - 2018 (Mix/IGM Mastering Engineer)

'Metal Gear Solid V' - Snake Eater Remix (Mix Engineer)
WAM Song of The Year - Electronica Category Winner 
Revel8 Film Festival -Best Score



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