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Cliff Blackburn, Drummer and vocalist started out playing in bands around Perth in the 1970’s. The emerging availability of multitrack recorders sparked a keen interest in recording the bands. This led to the building of Shelter Recording Studios in the late 70’s with band member Andy Priest. After a couple of years of recording projects like the W.A. Bi-Centennial album, an early incarnation of the Eurogliders, BRIX and Keith McDonald, Cliff took off to San Francisco to study at the College for Recording Arts and was awarded the Record-Music Industry Diploma. He also became a member of the Audio Engineering Society. While in America, Cliff gained experience in the production of stage musicals (HAIR, Whoopi Goldberg), Direct to Digital classical recordings with the Midsummer Mozart Orchestra in San Jose, Los Medanos College Big Band and many other varied recording sessions.

cliff blackburn

Upon returning to Perth in the mid 80’s Cliff worked for 5 years in the Pro Audio division of Kosmic Sound (now Kosmic High Tech). Meanwhile assisting the late John Villani at Planet Sound Studios in Subiaco, a wealth of experience was obtained working on various album projects of both local and international artists such as:

  • Dave Stewart (Eurythmics)

  • David Helfgott

  • Dave Hole

  • Ice Tiger

  • Lee Sapho

  • Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke)

  • Hank Marvin

  • Giftbox

  • Hunters and Collectors

  • Lyndsay Hammond (Cheetah)

  • and many more.

Cliff also worked on“live to air” broadcasts for Appealathon and Channel Ten including Crowded House, The Angels, Paul Kelly and dozens of local bands. ​In collaboration with Stuart James, Cliff put the Soundfield Studio together in Bayswater in 2011. 


Cliff can be contacted on 0412 189 429.

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